a little background history

The principals of flexClaim™ have a history of designing and developing innovative technology applications to companies both inside and outside the receivable
management vertical.

As pioneers in developing technology solutions for the receivable management industry the principals of flexClaim™ recognized that the business environment has evolved and
in a competitive landscape solutions need to manage portfolios more efficiently while proactively controlling costs.

This is the strength of visionaries and entrepreneurs - to proactively identify the needs
of an ever changing business environment. flexClaim™ is the outcome of listening to the needs and demands of creditors while simultaneously identifying new technology applications that build out from their requirements.

With a history of bringing proven practical applications to the receivable management industry across North America the executive team at flexClaim™ boast an enviable depth of knowledge in insolvency management.

For over 15 years flexClaim’s™ leadership team has built technology applications for fortune 300 companies. Their experience is not limited to the Canadian marketplace having designed solutions for organizations around the globe. flexClaim™ incorporates next generation technology and best of breed solutions to deliver an unparalleled application for creditors.

Leadership Team

Richard Dunwoody

President and CEO

Richard Dunwoody (President and CEO) A graduate from the University of Western Ontario Richard began his career with Financial Collection Agency (NCO). In the 1990's Richard became Director of Account Management for AVCO Canada leading the centralization of collections and outsource vendor management. Subsequently Richard joined DRN Commerce (FCT Default Solutions) where he was both VP of Sales and the subject matter expert for the design of the CollectLink™ agency management system. In 2003 Richard then led the development and promotion of the first version of InsolvencyLink™. Since 2008 Richard has remained an active entrepreneur and resource in the development of data analytic systems (Total Scoring Inc.), data content and management systems (Cleanlist ; Outside IQ) and software development for the receivable management industry(Speed Matters).

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Douglas J. Simpson


Doug holds degrees in computer science and law, and for more than 3 decades has been involved in many legal technology projects. In 2014 he was inducted in the College of Law Practice Management, which recognized his achievements in the document automation and legal technology fields. As CEO of Legal Systematics, Inc. he has been involved in the development, marketing and implementation of automated template systems including SpeedMatters for Small Claims and SpeedMatters for Landlord Tenant. He was initial CIO and main architect of the CollectLink software for DRN Commerce. He has been involved in the development of collection and bankruptcy management software and other template systems for large law firms, financial institutions and corporations.

As CEO of GhostFill Technologies Inc. he established the North American division of Korbitec (of South Africa) and developed a large user base for the software, including users of CollectLink. He previously founded and served as President of ExperText Systems Ltd. which developed automated document assembly and case management systems in the area of collection, real estate law, estate planning and other areas of law that were sold to thousands of users across North America.

Stan DeFreitas

VP Finance

Stan is a graduate from the Schulich School of Business at York University and a Chartered Professional Accountant that began his career in the insurance and banking sectors in Canada. Since his tenure in commercial banking at one of the major banks in Canada, he has gone on to provide management, financial and business advisory expertise to numerous companies in the areas of international financial services, corporate care, taxation, finance and accounting with engagements gaining him experience in working throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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